Its 2nd show ever, we will be at Zeal in Henderson on June 11th with:

Awaiting The Storm

As Colour Fades

Valjean (Hamilton)

Barracks (Rotorua)

The Legacy (Tauranga)

$10.00 on the door, doors open at 6:30!

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*Shoutouts to Bo Paterson for the poster design!



Heres the first track from The Legacy EP by The Legacy.

The Boy & The Mask – The legacy by Tr!pzZz

Well im wanting to plan something over the summer time and there are a few ideas brewing in my head that would be pretty unique in my opinion, hopefully it can be all pulled together in the next few weeks…. :O

Went to a show in Tauranga that was a the Scout Hall on May Street over in the mount and it actually was pretty decent. After picking up a mate we headed over the the venue and there were a few people when we turned up after the first band had played which was a whakatane band called Tides. When we arrived the band playing was Silent Circus which were pretty good, really liked there sound and would love to see them again sometime. After that was The Legacy, which are all ways good haha, they played the same set of songs as the did at the first B&R show, I video recorded there set and will prolly upload it to a youtube channel in a few days/weeks. After The Legacy was Everyman For Himself, I cant remember the last time I watched these guys live (I think it might have been the last one Destructo hosted in Tauranga) but they were good, alot more technical than the last time I saw them which is cool to hear, they have a record out on Deadboy Records which I need to check out sometime. So overall it was a good show for a Tauranga show in terms of attendance and the bands that played, hopefully they are more frequent and have more people showing up to them.

Well the night was a huge success (the biggest paying show Zeal as had, EVER!), I hope everyone that attended enjoyed themselves aswell as all the bands that played. Shoutouts to Cast Them To Ruin, Burn The Idol, East Of Eden, The Legacy and Forever Facing Up! Also so Zeal, the venue was awesome, Ben for doing photos and Kurt for doing lighting!

Here are some pictures from the night done by Ben Theile –

Videos of The Legacy, Burn The Idol and East Of Eden up soon!

Web poster up for advertising, poster run to come soon.